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Online Tools Pro is a platform which provide free and efficient various tools like calculators, converters and security tools for online use to users. Online Tools Pro provide a easy to use interface which is web responsive to desktop, tablet and mobile-friendly interfaces.


A calculator is a device that performs arithmetic operations on numbers or A Digital computation device. There are many varieties of calculators but commonly used calculators are simple calculators, scientific calculators, The invention of calculators has decreased the time that is required to calculate complex figures and reduced commons errors that can happen when numbers are calculated by hand

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Converters are mostly used software programs which are now widely used for unit conversions,here this category includes many converters which are commonly used for calculation purpose such as Currency Converter, Height Converter, Data Converter, Time Unit converters, Calendar Converters etc.

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A security algorithm is a mathematical procedure used to encrypt data. Information is encoded and requires the use of a software key to transform the data back into its original form, here we have created Online software programs that can do your job for converting string into secure strings, we can say it encrypt your piece of information. this category also includes Random Password generator which is also a powerful software program which can create your strong Password as you like.

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File Compression

File compression is a process of 'packaging' a file (or files) to use less disk space. Compression works by minimizing redundancy in a file's code. Compression software allows you to take many files and compress them into one file, which is smaller than the combined size of the originals, this category includes free application that can compress your files for you, and download it in your computer, and we don't save your files online.

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Read Files

This category includes applications that you can use to read your files online, if you don't want to instal heavy applications on your computers like pdf readers, this application does not load on your computer even it does not uploads your file online.

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Developer Tools

There are many developer tools available online or offline for download in use in free as well as for a trail use,This category includes the vast number of developer tools that can be used online and free, users can not pay for the tools he/she use. these tools are basically for the developers who work in software industry or work individually specialy in web development.

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